Big Chillin in Venice

Venice LionsI been slippin on the posts ya’ll. My fault. Lots of things happening (good, productive of course!), but I’ll try to post more often in the coming days/weeks.

Did a shoot recently at Venice Beach with the ZebraIsFood dangerous posse. Loved the setting, photographer, and concept. The photos came out super dope, and the photographer (Josh Schaedel) has a real talent for capturing natural lighting. The group photo totally exposes our personalities and definitely is a manifestation of lions on the prowl. The urban, authentic, and arty scene of Venice was perfect and definitely encouraged edgy poses and fierce expressions. We are new to the game, hungry as artists: a model (Me), a writer (PeD), a DJ (GG Bronzie), rappers (MCK & MAS1), and business mogul (Jake). We are all visionaries and ready to consume some yummy game in the industry. Get ready, there’s more to come. Love.

Shout out to Jake for coordinating the lions and lionesses for this amazing shoot!


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