ZIF Exclusive Interview: Bobo of Cypress Hill drops some gems on the Zebreezy

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Being able to sit down with an artist and examine their mind is a privilege that few of us are granted. Being able to sit down with an artist of genius pedigree and with a career second to none is outright rare. Thankfully we were given an opportunity by Eric Bobo, the lauded percussionist of Cypress Hill, to discuss his take on the music game and where he currently fits into it. Eric, son of Latin Jazz great Willie Bobo has been strumming his beat behind and in front of some of history’s undisputed legends. Starting off as a toddler on stage with his father, it certainly prepped him for the career he has realized. Eric has been a stalwart in many Beastie Boy albums and tours, and has been a fundamental member of Cypress Hill for 15 years. Amazingly, in addition to his commitment to Cypress, Eric has found time to record and perform with The Black Crowes, 311, Gnarls Barkley, Rage Against The Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, Soulfly, and Ella Fitzgerald. Now at the tender age of 40, Eric has shifted his focus inward. Now busy working on his own projects, Eric gave us a moment of his time recently at The Terrace in Pasadena where he was doing a show to promote his album with Rhettmatic from the Beat Junkies. In addition to the new collaboration, Eric discussed a multitude of exclusive subjects, including the new Cypress album and even giving his take on who has better groupies: Beastie Boys or Cypress Hill? Eric Bobo is by far one of the most down to earth musicians we’ve interviewed. Ironic that it takes a legend to speak the language of us common folk. Enjoy the discussion, and watch out for a review of Bobo’s new album to be posted later today.

All Apologies for the audio quality, the opening DJ had a fetish for playing loud music before heads got there….(turn your speakers up!)




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