Don't look inside his belly.....gross.You’d think that the guy who invented a character like “Nazi Shark” wouldn’t be easiest guy to empathize with, you’d be wrong though. In this lovely weekly throwgasm report (the throwgasm originally serving as a rating system for the watchability of various NFL games on any given weekend period (they play on Saturdays now too) Drew Magary takes a bunch of big names to the cleaners; he’s got his forum and he’s damn well taking advantage of it. He even cites his sources so well; talking John Landis Blues. We all miss Bill Murray pre-Wes Anderson, we always knew he was an asshole, but something has forever died in the new Jarmusch/Anderson muse era. Adam Sandler in Funny People means his Pyramid of Jewish Jokery begins its deseent towards the deep valley of future obscurity, as we all decide late in the game that Punch Drunk Love was a pretty good movie. If bloggers are the problem, people, then what the fuck is the solution?

Read the Bill Simmons piece (in 2 parts) on “Almost Famous”/The NBA Off-Season here and here. Amazing how everyone is so quick to try and turn the NBA offseason in to some sort of Blockbuster Video viral advertisement. I shamelessly compare enormous athletic, but bald black men to ninja turtles, there’s no right or wrong, moral high-ground here in the analogy game when the games aren’t even being played. The greatest intrigue would be fans getting to games without blowing through all their loot.

The Status Quo; unbelievably successful in the UK for 30+ years! If you told me on facebook that you like dubstep, you’re not telling me anything. Wawa coffees are fucking HUGE!

If you finish that first Drew Magary piece and find this shit storm on Pixar more appealing; as in you believe that as far as sporswriting goes, there is a certain essential cultural awareness that the writer must present in order to most effectively communicate his subjective, arbitrary opinions,


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