Healthy and Disrespectful


I’d never call Nahright entirely objective but they certainly don’t roar, piss, bitch and moan as much as us. Nonetheless, sometimes truly enjoyable–and judgmental–gems can be found in the little concise captions below their frequent posts. Earlier today, they posted a song with Rihanna and Kardinall Offishall, big deal. But, below the post, was a little quip: “Seriously, how disrespectful is this t-shirt?” and there was a link to a Twit-pic of the t-shirt above(excuse the crap quality).

Think what you want about the act of producing the above shirt, but don’t try and refuse that every dude who saw those pics wasn’t thinking the same thing that the Mighty Healthy crew was. Heck, whenever I see she-who-made-the-sale-of-umbrellas-skyrocket, my wet toes still tingle. Disrespectful or not, maybe Mighty Healthy just had the courage to say what we all felt.


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