UNDRCRWN Fall 2009 Collection

Fall 2009 Collection

Currently my favorite line of ‘urban’ apparel, I was pretty stoked when I saw the new collection for UNDRCRWN. The brand is a sort of a hybrid between luxury and performance, with an underlying stylistic focus on what they call “basketball lifestyle.” I don’t know about all that, but the Mos Def Collection was dope, so dope I can ignore the endorsement of Asher Roth, for now. Bold colors and irreverent hip hop references define the Fall 2009 collection. So if you’re steez is colorful and hip (hop), than wear the uniform this season.

DeucesDeuces Tee

Astro Dunk SweatshirtAstro-Dunk Sweatshirt

Lords Of The UC

Lords Of The UC Tee

Pick & Roll HoodyPick & Roll Hoodie

Stupid FreshStupid Fresh Tee

Biggie Reference

Ashy 2 Classy Tee



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