ZIF Video Of The Week: Aceyalone “Can’t hold back”

This is what I call a ‘warm’ video, the type to throw on when you’re cooking breakfast on a Saturday morning. A throwback to times when all you needed to produce a good video was a gang of your friends and a BBQ. Naughty By Nature videos stand out in my mind the most, they were always just wildin’ out with the crew. As for Aceyalone, well, this video is off his album that came out March of this year, titled “Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones”. The album peaked at #144, yikes! But then again, Acey is an old timer, nowadays putting together an album for retail is an accomplishment unto itself. But seriously, how old is Ace? Freestyle Fellowship is sounding archaic right now, and he has the only Wikipedia page I’ve come across without a birth date! All I know, is that if you pause the music video at 1:16, homie looks older than father time. Decent track, tight video, enjoy.

Dope Acey snippet I came across on Vimeo after the jump


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