Bashing Through To The Other Side

Markus1_IrvenLewis small

A while back I touched on a phenomenon occurring in hip hop, whereby rap was being thrown together with the dramatic arts. Out of that effort to produce a new genre, “Hip Hopera” was born. No doubt Kenzo Digital’s interpretation of a Hip Hopera was far more palatable than MTV’s cruddy cupcake of a film. However, leave it to the people who gave us Shakespeare to take dramatic hip hop to another level. The Arts Council of England in collaboration with Jonzi D Productions have commissioned a hip hop opera in a more traditional sense, simply replace the Italian sopranos with some of London’s young Grime/hip hop and dance talent and you’ll get the picture. This is an excellent first stab at hip hop drama in the true spirit of stagecraft. Check the trailer for Markus the Sadist.

Emcee’s and actors are one in the same, they feel alive on stage and that manifests itself in their performance. Big ups to Bashy for taking this role and really committing to it. For those of you unaware of Bashy’s previous contributions, peep some videos after the jump, educate yourself.

Bashy Videos


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