Mr Pig Face Weapon Waist

Illest Moniker Ever

Crooked I is one twisted California swine. Not too long ago Crooked was expressing his doubts about furthering his rap career on account of being “too accessible,” more poignantly, being shot at. This week Crooked finally dropped his EP ingeniously titled “Mr Pig Face Weapon Waist.” Crooked’s new persona is a pig mask wearing, bulletproof equipped, Desert Eagle touting maniac. The EP only boasts 8 tracks, and at least 3 of them have been leaked a while back, including the Scram Jones produced so-called banger with Snoop titled “Guess Who’s Back.” Snoop is relegated to the chorus on that track, so don’t get your hopes up if you haven’t yet peeped it. Apart from the track “Freestyle Cypher” where Crooked and Royce get down with the Horseshoe Gang, this EP falls way short of expectations. Crooked sounds lost on certain beats, specifically the Frequency produced “U Shoulda Made a Phone Call.” The beat inspires visuals of a sexy night in Miami Beach, a Miami Vice throwback, yet Crooked gets lazy on it, choosing to focus on his swag at the cost of a track sans any noteworthy rhymes.

In summary, Crooked’s new EP boasts arguably the illest moniker ever and cover art to boot, but the tracks (all eight of them) fail to measure up. Considering this EP was pushed back over 5 times, the brevity and lack of substance on this EP scream of artistic apathy. And there’s nothing worse than a lazy pig. Give it a listen, I’m a vegetarian, fry your own bacon.

Crooked I- Mr Pig Face

Crooked I – U Shoulda Made A Phone Call Ft  K-young

Crooked I – Freestyle Cypher Ft  Royce Da 59 and Horseshoe G A N G

alternate artwork after the jump

Album Art

Courtesy of Mouse Budden


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