Stoney Jackson Has A Mad Strong Arm


The underground hip hop scene is thriving in California. By underground I refer to a collection of artists that radio exclusive listeners will be unfamiliar with, perhaps the music is too gangsta or not enough, either way, no radio recognition for the underground. With the economy of the music industry drastically shifting to newer more creative consumption platforms, the underground rapper is beginning to enjoy the playing field being leveled. Tours and sponsorship have once again become the path to monetary success, and that’s one thing that the indie rappers have on lock. California underground kings Strong Arm Steady find themselves in the middle of the resurgence, and have teamed up with MadLib for their next project titled, Stoney Jackson. Check out some early leaks.

Strong Arm Steady-Get Started (Feat.Talib Kweli)(Prod. By Madlib)

Strong Arm Steady – Loose Girl (Feat. The Jacka) (Prod. By Madlib)

This album will feature a myriad of underground bredren, such as: Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Little Brother’s Phonte, and Planet Asia. Strong Arm Steady has worked with Madlib on projects in the past and should find his beats cooked to perfection. Madlib is a master when it comes to tailor-made collaborations, some strong examples include: 2003’s Jaylib with J Dilla and 2004’s Madvillain with DOOM, as well as the Talib Kweli/Madlib album Liberation. This project was spawned by J.Rocc, Madlib’s trusty DJ, having given the Strong Arm gang a fortnight of beats catered for the rowdy clique.


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