Falside The Hood

Robbing the Rich? Feeding us poor?

There’s nothing like a good remix to alter your opinion of an artist and/or producer. That being said, I was quite ecstatic about this remix project that Falside just dropped, aptly called Five Finger Discount. I mean let’s be real, a remix is nothing but a minor act of thievery combined with an attempt to improve the track objectively, or at least showcase the subjective talent of the remix artist. Now that we’ve cleared the room of any potential objections, let’s take a look at what the wizard behind the curtain has been cooking.

The Beatnuts – Props Over Here (Falside Remix)

The High and Mighty – Hands On Experience (Falside Remix)

Sean Price – 60 Bar Dash (Falside Remix)

This remix project is comprised of a mixture of Falside remixes as well as some new original collaborations with some local Providence cats. The track with Reason about bootlegging t-shirts epitomizes the ability for Falside to elevate the sonic value of any given track, regardless of MC or substance. I’ve been saying this for a month, and feeling good about it; Falside’s production is the the closest thing to the next great thing you’ll hear in hip hop music, period. I highly doubt he’ll have to do a remix project again, but if he does, I’ll be there to feast on the bounty.

MPFREE: Falside : Five Finger Discount

Track List after the jump…

1.) FFD Intro
2.) Sean Price – “60 bar Dash”
3.) Ill Bill, Thekeenone, B-Real (Cypress Hill), Reg Riddem – “Hit That Shit”
4.) Reason – “Dead T-Shirts”
5.) The Beatnuts – “Props Over Here”
6.) FFD Interlude
7.) Kev Brown – “Always”
8.) Blak Madeen – “No Good”
9.) Amadeus The Stampede – “The 10th Jewel”
10.) The High and Mighty – “Hands On Experience ”
11.) J-Live – “Walkman Music”
12.) Storm Davis and Reason – “Keep It Over There”
13.) Dirty Hank Ft. Rite Hook – “Main Attraction”
14.) Bonus Track – Lil Wayne – “A Millie”

*All songs Produced and Remixed by Falside


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