That’s One Gay Demo

Right On So Many Levels

I’m going to try and keep this post as politically correct as I possibly can. Perhaps brevity will best serve that interest. Apparently there are at least two reasons to suspect that acclaimed R&B superstar Ne-Yo is homosexual. One being the picture which we harvested among a plethora of other choice examples. Second being the following track, which is apparently Ne-Yo singing a demo track he’s written for a prospective female singer.

Ne-Yo – When He Kissed Me (“female demo”)

There’s really nothing wrong per say with any part of this jolly story. Though one could argue that any  singer to purchase and record this track would best fire their manager. Think about it, let’s say they record the track of their life, emotion manifested everywhere about some guy they kissed. And what happens when that song hits the airwaves? Radio DJ’s and fans alike clamor about the “that gay Ne-Yo song”. I’d imagine a profusion of downloads would proceed, but not a soul would be get caught dead buying this single at their local dinosaur compact disc establishment. Yeah, if I was managing the next Melania Fiona, I’d pass.

On the other hand if I was managing the next Clay Aiken or George Michael, that would be a totally different story. Hmm…


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