Ballin’ Chain: Apple Chains

NYC Ballin

These chains are fresh, clean, not-too-flamboyant, and rep NYC hard.  They are as understated as the man who wears them.

Just as there are plenty of “over-actors” in Hollywood, there are plenty of “over-rappers” in the industry.  Kanye is a perfect example—great producer, mediocre-at-best MC, tries way too hard on the mic.   This phenomenon also extends to rappers crossing over into acting  (DMX).

Lloyd Banks is at home in the rap game, and never over-raps.  His flow is smooth, effortless, laid-back-as-shit, confident flow.  He has always been/always will be my favorite in G-Unit (breathe, haters, breathe.)   I have harbored a sneaking suspicion that Banks is the hardest dude in G-Unit because he was always so calm…the kind of control that only comes with a man who’s done some serious dirt.   Like his chains here, his flow is not overly flashy, but classic, restrained and iconic.  (How can I call these chains restrained?..…shit, I don’t know, just peep the other chains I have written about on ZIF).  On the continuum of rap chains, Banks’ chains here are almost down-to-earth.

I believe the old adage to be true that it’s “Not what you say but how you say it.”  Banks isn’t known for his wordplay and over-the-top flows, but his delivery is on point.  His flow is just like his chains:  simple, to-the-point, and smooth.  These are almost chains one could wear to a sophisticated dinner party, chains that would go as well with a fine wine and some classical music as they would with sizzurp and blow.

And let’s not confuse “restrained and understated” with “bland”— Banks has been shot a couple times (G-Unit entrance requirement?), and his second album was leaked in true gangsta fashion : he left it behind after a fucking ménage-a-trois!  His comment on the album leak,

“I was just lost in my ways, fucked two women at one time. It’s the little things you don’t pay attention to.”

Yes, Lloyd, it’s the little things…mind the details.


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