ZIF Video Of The Week: Young Dro and Yung LA – I Don’t Know Y’all

Remember, this is the VIDEO of the week, certainly not a track I recommend donating a dollar to Apple for. With T.I. in the big house for another six months or so, his label, Grand Hustle, has been trying to keep busy. Grand Hustle senior member Young Dro has certainly taken the leadership role to heart, as he should considering the median age of artists on this track is close to 15! I’m really not a fan of Yung L.A. at any level, his steez is so time stamped that I half expect him to start curdling like bad milk before my very eyes every time I watch a video of his. But as far as the video goes, I’m a fan, the grainy look of the video does a great job of prettying up what really is a shanty town of a label now in Grand Hustle. When B.O.B can rise to the top of your roster based on his artistic ingenuity and marketing clout, something has to give, I’m betting it’s going to be spankings once Clifford comes home.

Check out a behind the scenes look on set of the video shoot.

Behind The Scenes


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