My Third Favorite Lox Member

#3 in my book

I love starting the following debate: Who’s your favorite member of The Lox? The three person rap entity has been blipping mainstream and indie radars for about a decade now. However the only members of mainstream value by name are Styles P and Jadakiss, leaving Sheek Louch with the dunce cap and the stool in the corner. What makes The Lox a comically intriguing group to pick a favorite from is the not so obvious pick between Jadakiss and Styles P. Both Styles and Jada have strong individual fan bases who are specifically interested in the intonations and rhyme content of their favorite D-Block member. I to this day have never met a die-hard Sheek Louch fan, though many fans of The Lox find him more than palatable. I must give credit where it’s due, and Sheek has pumped enough iron to begin to intimidate me, and he still has a way of spitting on ill beats, like this one from the legendary Pete Rock.

Sheek Louch-Everyday Prod. By Pete Rock


One thought on “My Third Favorite Lox Member

  1. While in many rap groups, the least known members are–in truth–the crappiest– Sheek is actually on-par with Jadakiss and Styles. Even without those two, Sheek has had consistent collabs with Ghostface Rakekwon and the like. Scope Sheek’s verse on “Blue Armor” from Ghsotface. illsauce.

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