Nothing Happy About Veterans Day

Photo taken by Smaranda Gildea

(Photo taken by Smaranda Gildea for Zebra Is Food)

“Happy Veteran’s Day!” I cringe when I hear that, I always will. Yeah, that’s me, that liberal in the corner finding my religion. War is a terrible necessity we humans have imposed upon ourselves, one that we seem intent on perpetuating for generations to come. For that, I cringe on this day, for the truth about war is not happy, it’s complex and agitating, horrible and epic, saturating and necessary, this is war. Not to take this day from those that have served our country and defended our principles while we debate their validity in coffee shops at home, no, I love this day, an honor to pay tribute, it’s your day, it’s just not a happy one.

Peep Iraq war veteran turned rapper Mystikal’s verse his personal take on war after the jump.

Mystikal’s verse off War Wounds

It’s real, shit’s real check my war wounds

This here real life, ain’t no fuckin’ cartoons

I’m the Saudi Arabian death killin’ veteran on the tube

Either me or you right here

Come back and hang out in my room

I done shot my rifle, trained to kill

Got blood on my fatiques

Once you in ain’t no turnin’ back

Lay yo’ ass over seas

Might as well handle your business

There’s no overcome to this shit

Be on yo’ Ps and Qs nigga

Don’t cry like no bitch

You see a weak nigga, that’s a beat nigga

And fuck a stead nigga, that’s a dead nigga

Tell my mama not to worry bout me why I’m gone

If I die bitch, box me up and ship me back home

Bury me in the N.O. with my stripes on my chest

Tell them muthafuckas that I did my best

Middle finga pointin’ sayin’ fuck Iraq

If you don’t believe me check my combat pack



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