Busta Your Shirt Is Off

Read between the flab

There are a few rappers out there that have beat off the hands of time and stayed relevant in the music industry for a decade or more.  To survive in the long run is no easy feat for a rapper, for being a rapper is to be a relevant and magnetic pop figure. Too often trends or personal obstacles swallow the tiny dinghy that is the industry proven rapper. Busta Rhymes is one of these chosen few MC’s who have stayed relevant and remained successful in the rap game. Much of that is because he is truly liked in the industry and gets superior production and attractive features on his albums. His relentless commitment to a seemingly body builder type workout has also assisted Busta in dodging Father Time, but it appears as though all good things come to a nauseating end. Busta just did this photo shoot for Venom Energy and even without the horrendous topless shot, the shoot screams lackluster. Busta goes off into the night with whimper not a bang, I guess the caffeinated drink can only do so much.

A Tad Better

Peep the entire shoot here.


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