Clipse, Cam & Cord’


If you don’t know, now you know, that video director, Rik Cordero has created gritty, yet, immensely artistic visuals for artists like Nas, The Roots, Wale, Busta Rhymes and many more. This Monday, MTV unveils the video for the highly-hyped collaboration between Clipse and Cam’ron “Popular Demand.” Expect some of the best cocaine metaphors colliding with some of the nastiest sex metaphors. Also, scope my story on Cordero, which I wrote about a year ago.

P.S. I’m not the PC-police but is it a little bit risky to put a plate of fried chicken in the background? Am I missing something? I realize both Popeye’s Chicken and the song title, “Popular Demand” begin with P-o-p…is that it?


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