Ring Ding Dong


Ever feel like you woke up into an episode of The Twilight Zone? Perhaps everything moves slowly that day, everything is a little off, not by a bunch, just a tad, but enough to disrupt your instinctual daily comfort. For me this happens when facts materialize out of thin air, and the absurd is purported to be sensible. In the case of today, I speak of the fact that Snoop Dogg rang the opening bell this morning at the New York Stock Exchange after participating in a mentoring program between CNBC and MTVU. Fellow participants include Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of Tom Shoes, Steven Hanson founder and president of B. R. Guest Restaurants and Barry Sternlicht, Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group. This is the 2nd Annual “Mentoring Madness” event hosted by Maria Bartiromo, if you’re interested in money, or smoking weed, or tapping hot Italian finance MILF ass, then visit www.nyse.com/mentoringmadness and sign up for next year.


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