Go Chocolate Girl Go!

Racism is fucked up. No matter where it rears its ugly head, it manifests the same symptoms, vile, putrid, and evil ones at that. The following story is an example of how disheartening racism can be across cultural and political borders. For this episode of global racists, we take you to… China!

20 year old Lou Jing is not your average Shanghai girl, she’s an aspiring star, one that can sing, and even rap a little. Lou Jing has aspirations to go to Columbia University and really take it to the world, on a Carpe Diem tip you could say. So recently when she starred on Chinese Idol, the pressure was on, she was in the limelight, and was being asked to star. As far as most objective observers could tell, Lou Jing performed very well all whilst looking absolutely stunning. Her ability to rap a little was a unique skill that further distinguished herself from her esteemed peers. Unfortunately, Lou Jing’s distinctness eliminated her from serious consideration before she even graced the stage. You see, Lou Jing is bi-racial, half black, half chinese, which for the majority of our planet means black.

Lou Jing was raised by her mother who is Chinese after her father left her mother before she was even born. For Lou Jing, life in Shanghai was nothing other than the life she always knew and loved. She is very much a young CHINESE girl, there’s no doubt about that. What I and many others are confused and appalled by is the manner in which she was treated on national Chinese television. Put simply, her dignity was raped. On stage the judges ‘adoringly’ called her ‘chocolate girl’, and a wave of racial critique hit the Chinese web community. Within hours of Lou Jing’s TV appearance she was labeled as “gross” and “ugly” on Chinese entertainment blogs, and her mother was criticized for having sex with a ‘black’ man. Speaking to NPR last week she was visibly shaken saying “I’ve always thought of myself as Shanghainese, but after the competition I started to have doubts about who I really am”. Well, that’s nice and sad.

But overall this story is a happy one, she will probably end up going to Columbia due to this, and her looks are far beyond the aesthetic filter the freaking Chinese have placed on themselves. Between Lou Jing and Amerie (half black, half Korean), I’m pretty sure we found the genetic equivalent of alchemy gold.


5 thoughts on “Go Chocolate Girl Go!

  1. i feel for this girl i really do.
    calling her chocolate girl….unbelievable
    im black and one thing i can’t stand beyond all other things is racism
    its not her fault she was born half black
    she had no control over it
    and anyway she is a beautiful girl
    reading this is so hurtful
    and i really feel for her
    people need to stop being ignorant and move on
    most of the western world has eg America nd Europe
    nd so should China
    im really surprised about this becuse i always believed China was a country that accepted diversity and people of different racial groups
    oviously i was mistaken

  2. Hmm, so you think having a conservative opinion is “vile, putrid, and evil” do you? It seems you are the one who is overly assuming and judgemental!

    It was no surprise to learn that her father was the black participant in the illegitimate consumation. And as to “alchemy gold”? Hardly, Lou Jing looks like the beverage equivalent of a Duck milkshake; a little bit wrong. Amerie looks good in certain shots, but nothing compared to how beautiful the indigenous Korean’s can look. Its harsh for Lou Jing to have to deal with abuse of any kind, as no decent person should, but the reason races exist is due to millenia of adaptation, and I believe its frivolous to erase that progress. If so, eventually everyone would end up with a boring brown hue and would not really belong anywhere, and this would occur in a fraction of the time it has taken to develop the racial traits that are thus comsumed. Finally, let’s not forget that people of mixed race origin have a higher rate of mental illness, which is not surprising.

    Don’t agree with me? Fuck you i’ll bust your face 🙂

  3. And calling her “chocolate girl” is pretty funny. People eat chocolate because they like it… therefore the panelists liked Lou Jing 😀

  4. Equating the color of someones skin to an edible that happens to be shaded in the relative color spectrum of perceived racial aesthetics is straight ignorant. Pensive Pat, you should live up to that name, think a little, son. Or go chew some tobacco, or whatever it is that ya’ll do in the red states.

  5. she’s not too ugly but her skin is toooo dark. I’m white and raised in san fran and she’s dark skinned even for a biracial. her father must of been coal black lol! yuck. the mom is good looking doe!

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