A Nuclear Endorsement

You’d never think this, but Russia has some pretty creative ways of dealing with their social dilemmas. Now most Russians are alcoholics or addicts and… OK, just kidding, but there are widespread problems of substance abuse in Russia today. But this clip showing the political godfather of Russia giving music, and specifically hip hop its rightful place in the social therapy discussion will change the way Russians look at rap music. By attending the final stage of the government-run “Battle for Respect: Start It Today” competition, Vladimir Putin gave rap music one of its biggest endorsements ever. Putin even went on to dismiss the notion that rock or dance music are socially in tune, peep the following quote from Gangster # 1:

“I do not think that the ‘top-rock’ or ‘floor-rock’ break dance technique is compatible with alcohol or drugs,” rap “is kind of rough” and “has a social message dealing with the problems of the young”

Ha, spoken like a true Public Enemy fan. I love Putin’s unapologetic nationalism, an example of that was his dig on U.S. hip hop in comparison to Russian, saying that “Russian charm” was a positive addition to the genre. Check out last year’s charming winner of the competition, Ant, who is blowing up in Russia, like Chechnyans.


One thought on “A Nuclear Endorsement

  1. I appreciate the sentiment, but Russian rap is garbage. GARBAGE! Even the most thugged out rappers just spit cheesy songs about romance. It’s truly horrifying considering their country is far more thugged out than anywhere in the US.

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