ZIF Video Of The Week: Rusty Gunz

Saigon developed a little fame by entrenching himself in the New York underground. Lil Fame developed a following that built the NY underground that Saigon later capitalized off of. Somehow Saigon fell off the rap radar, at least on radars that ZIF respects. Perhaps it was his tenure on HBO’s Entourage or maybe his emotional and fluffy “beef” with Joe Budden, either way, Saigon’s name does not enlist the ooh’s an ah’s from hip hop heads like he did half a decade ago.  What I like about this video is the no-nonsense commitment to keeping this video “NY Gully”, nice grainy graphic, with plenty of shots of New York’s primary asset, it’s grand skyline. On a career note, I think Saigon needs to pair up with the likes of Fame and other proven industry rappers, he’s at that re-dip stage of his career. You know, like when you dip a nacho in cheese, and then bite half of it off, chew, and then dip again. Yeah, a half eaten nacho, that sounds about right.

MPFREE: Saigon – Rusty Gunz Featuring Lil Fame


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