Look Closer At Rihanna

This attention grabbing spell Rihanna is on is becoming a bit too Britney-esque for comfort. She really is too talented an artist to succumb to the naked shot PR routine quite yet. Leave that to Britney, Madonna, and Toni Braxton. But she’s certainly not too talented for these becoming photos to be uploaded on ZIF. Chauvinism for President in 2012! Hey, why not?


2 thoughts on “Look Closer At Rihanna

  1. This is posted in the gossip category. Maybe it’s just me, but ZIF doesn’t much need a gossip category.

    Gimme music! Not naked Rihanna pics!

    Also ZIF still dont work in Kazakhstan, Im on some silly networked blogs site.

  2. Alex Alex Alex. How are the women in Kazakhstan treating you? Well I imagine with all the complaints about scantily clad women on ZIF.

    Gossip = Reason to post pictures that otherwise can only be motivated by perversion.

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