Where Do Lambo’s Come From?

Ever wonder where all those savage exotic cars you find littered on rap video sets come from? If you thought they were rightfully owned and maintained by anyone actually shooting the video, I recommend you scroll back to our initial post, read all 666 subsequent posts and educate yourself, for you have failed. One particular rapper comes to mind when I think of outstanding vehicular taste, Brooklyn’s bad boy, Fabolous. His raps include more references to Italian cars than an avid Enzo Ferrari fan can handle. But if you take a look at this video and really note the details, it could be argued that no theft occurred at all. The valet guy gave the keys to a rare white Lamborghini to one of Fabolous’s boys, he took them, they drove off. Case of mistaken Lambo, case closed. I mean when you roll with Fab, all the whips start to look the same. This story did spawn a pretty decent joke in my head, that I shall burden you with now.

What do you say to Fabolous when you see him driving in a Lamborghini? Hey bitch, that’s my car! Help! Help! Police! Help!


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