50 Cent v. Taco Bell

In the warm memories of Dragnet , I say this story is best delivered with concise and accurate brevity. Just the facts m’am, just the facts.

Apparently Taco Bell has a marketing department with a creative way of looking at viral opportunities. They decided to “address” a letter “to” 50 Cent, kindly asking him if he would change his name to 79 cents or perhaps 89 cents. I’m really not sure why, perhaps they had a 50 cent taco coming out, or something disgusting like that. Either way, the problem with the letter is that it was delivered to media outlets across the country and not Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. So when the press released the story about Taco Bell’s letter to Fitty, plenty of fans cried a foul. SELLOUT! SELLOUT! 50 Cent is a G however, and he took it to the corporate gorditos with blue blooded power attorneys, sued for 4 million. Today, that suit got settled, Curtis was paid an undisclosed amount. Perhaps the boys in the TB marketing division should go find another Chihuahua, a little less abrasive than 50.


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