Rappers Gone Muslim

So for those of who you know of Loon, the Harlem Bad Boy who’s more boy than bad really, you may find these clips interesting. Loon recently became a follower of Islam, a practicing Muslim. Apart from an obvious draw to acclaimed Muslim rapper Freeway, there is some substance to this spiritual development. These guys actually went to Saudi Arabia and a whole slew of other Arab countries. And yes I understand Arab doesn’t equal Muslim, but these were Arab Muslim countries, so chill. Many bloggers are finding this story relatively fascinating, I am among them. Not for the feel good reasons either. I’m pretty interested in the possibility that the increasingly growing trend of American rappers turning towards Islam will have a pragmatic effect on U.S. stigmas about Muslims. And not a necessarily positive one either, it’s not like rappers have an inherent ability to convey spiritual thoughts through a social platform that is a mic and a stage, oh wait…

Peep a list of Islamic Rappers after the jump.

Did you happen to hear that last Loon track? Yikes…

Loon feat. Christopher – What You Say

Notable Muslim Rappers and Singers

Loon – “rapper”

MC Ren – rapper

Everlast – singer-songwriter

Lupe Fiasco – Rapper[33]

Freeway – Rapper

Jermaine Jackson – singer, bass guitarist

DJ Khaled – rap DJ

Akon – rapper

Ghostface Killah – rapper

T-Pain – rapper/ R&B singer

Mos Def – rapper, actor

Flesh-N-Bone – rapper

Q-Tip – rapper

The RZA – rapper, hip-hop producer

Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale (Napoleon) – rapper

Beanie Sigel – rapper [35]

Yafeu Fula (Yaki Kadafi) – rapper

Brother Ali – rapper


12 thoughts on “Rappers Gone Muslim

  1. Is Diddy and Bad Boy so corrupt that it turns Ma$e into a preacher and Loon into a Muslim? Wow

  2. These are smart men. They see past the fact that only a number of “Muslims” are actually violent. The “Muslims” that have bee accused of terrorist crimes, aren’t actually Muslims. People see a turban or that dress thing and they automatically point to Islam as the root of all evil. Islam, in its simplest form, is a religion pull of prosperity, peace, and freedom. Being a Muslim doesn’t mean having a gun and C-4 laying around, it means to be a good person and love the world for what it is and treat everyone as your brother or sister no matter of their customs or race. And that is the message that should be portrayed in the media, but no, the American media prefers to put down others and their beliefs to portray themselves in a brighter light in the eyes of others. And THAT is a shame. Being an American, i find it disgusting.

  3. I have to inform you that some of the persons, on your list of “Muslim-Rappers” are not actually Muslims. Rather, they are either members/affiliates of the Nation of Islam and/or the “5%-Nation”, or became Muslim & left Islam. Among the following rappers on your list, whom are Non-Muslims, are the following:

    Ice Cube

    Talib Kweli


    The RZA

    E.D.I. Mean

    Bizzy Bone

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