Chubby Raps

I’m pretty much all about this banger from Chip tha Ripper’s forthcoming mixtape. It’s good to see Chuck Inglish keep his relevance alive (honestly, the guy has been yielding some dope beats lately). It’s also good to see Curren$y apply a little focus; for a good while, it seemed as if he was tweeting every thirty seconds and every update had two parts: 1. what type of weed he was puffing and 2. what TV show he was watching. Since he’s gotten a little focus and linked up with Jay Electronica, I swear his verses have reacquired their punch. Oh yeah, Chip tha Ripper’s verse is pretty alright, too. Download the track here

Chip Tha Ripper feat. Curren_y _ Big Sean – Fat Raps _prod. Chuck Inglish_


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