AIDS Ain’t Easy

As of last night U.S. restrictions on visits by foreigners with HIV are to be lifted. Yeah, I’d say now is just as good a time as any to talk about AIDS. Oh, it’s also World AIDS Day today, happy AIDS Day? The problem is I don’t really feel like talking about this subject, AIDS is so overbearing and disconnected from my daily reality. I mean, there are so many tributaries off the AIDS delta that it can seem like a lost cause to combat the deadly disease. Specious to even talk about it really. I do know it was Easy-E’s death that introduced me to the concept of HIV and AIDS, followed shortly with the Magic Johnson revelation. What up with Magic anyways, last I heard he didn’t have a trace of HIV in his blood, does that mean he’s cured? Medical students, help me out on that one.

Sometimes when you stand on the ignorant side of the tracks, it’s best to spare the world your unnecessary thoughts on a matter, rather it’s best to wait until something blatant and external justifies your propensity to pass comment with judgement. On the topic of HIV and AIDS, I shamefully have stood in the back of the club, doing my 2 step, waiting for the disease to die off, literally. My blatant sign to critique came with the announcement of new legislation being passed by the Ugandan government. A dangerous combination of American evangelism and African ignorance has resulted in Uganda’s “Homosexuality Bill 2009.”

The new law would sentence anyone to death who had gay sex with a partner who had a disability, or while they were HIV positive, or if their partner was under the age of 18.

Undoubtedly, the section of the bill that has drawn the most heat is a provision that members of the public are required to report any homosexual activity they witness to police within 24 hours or face the a prison sentence of up tp three years. Snitch or/and Die! Pretty absurd ladies and gentlemen. For decades the African continent has been plagued by a lack of valid information regarding diseases, and have had lies propagated in their stead. One such lie that certainly inspires bills such as this Ugandan one, is the notion that AIDS is a punishment from God for homosexual practices. Fucked up isn’t it?

I wish this was all so simple, as if all it took to educate was revealing to hip hop fans in Africa that Eazy-E of the infamous N.W.A was consumed by AIDS, and he was no homo. Just remember, when you feel like you haven’t spoken on a topic out of ignorance, pat yourself on the back, but the minute you come across a piece of information that acts like a S.W.A.T team flash bang grenade, you speak up. Speak loud, damn you.


3 thoughts on “AIDS Ain’t Easy

  1. re: Magic Johnson.

    as you may already know, the difference between HIV and AIDS is that AIDS is the final stage of HIV when TCELL level drops to below 200. when the level drops, the immune system is unable to fight off any illnesses which in then kills the infected person.

    People not infected with HIV have a tcell level between 700-1000. So i’m assuming that when they say Magic doesn’t have a trace of HIV in his body, it’s because his tcell level is the same as an uninfected person.

    it is amazing that with an early diagnosis and regular intake of medication, the virus is suppressed from replicating, and the immune system is still able to function NORMALLY. The real tragedy of AIDS, i believe, is the lack of education, available medical attention and sufficient medications to those who are infected.

    BTW, LA has a strong AIDS support network. I use to intern at APLA where they use a holistic approach to assist those with HIV/AIDS.

    here’s south park’s answer to a cure of AIDS.

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