Falside’s Winter Brew

Winter in Rhode Island can be a lonely and crude experience. Out here in L.A. winter is synonymous with nothing, just another month in the plastic city. Either way, winter can depress us, it does depress us. Now, I’m not saying Falside’s winter beat tape titled Cold Feat* is going to keep Jack Frost out of your living room, but it will inspire some of your dormant neurons to fire off, and God knows you need that you dumb bastard. Peep the tracks below, but download the link to check my personal favorite on the tape, Well Another Day.

Falside – Growing Tomatos with Fire

Falside – Art of Chase

Falside – Street Lights, Knife Fights

Download the winter collection in it’s entirety right here son.

* Shout out to Falside for the early heads up on this tape, always a pleasure to drop dope shit “first”


2 thoughts on “Falside’s Winter Brew

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