Arbitrary Web Award: The Ugliest Coaching Staff (with epithets)

Hey, Lawrence Frank, you went 0-16 leading the New Jersey Nets through one of the saddest spells since Sadat X was dropping dirty soundbombs in 1998-99. Everyone wants to make a big deal out of the fact that you started out your tenure 13-0; nobody is talking about the curse of Rafer Alston (more to come on this, sorry Skip, but you are the definition of an NBA also-ran). I’m here to tell you, on the way out, that you’ve got one more award coming your way. That’s right Lil’ Frank, you’ve composed the ugliest coaching staff in the short history of the NBA. Check out these mugs!

John Loyer, lover of broken mirrors.
Tom Barrise, beauty mark can be an oxymoron
Doug Overton, actually kind of handsome
Roy Rogers, you smell like french fries
Rich Dalatri, you've let yourself go!

Well there you have it. Anyone else excited for the Kiki Vandeweghe era to begin post-haste!?


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