Fried Chicken Mofo

That’s right kids, I’m back, and I’m eating meat. 11 months into a “practice in discipline” which included the complete exclusion of any type of meat in my diet, I finally felt content, well, my stomach wasn’t, but for me, mission accomplished. I always struggled to satisfactorily answer the question “why are you vegetarian”, it usually came out as jaded or watered down Buddhism, and ended with a sigh an explanation about my mother’s spiritual background. On the flip side, I give you my first meat ridden dish in almost a year, a plate of fried chicken. Why did I stop being vegetarian they may ask, brevity is key, “fried chicken my friend, fried chicken.” And waffles.

Oh and apparently KFC is getting all Muslim on us! A Halal KFC just opened up in Brooklyn a few months back, peep that story here.


One thought on “Fried Chicken Mofo

  1. You have no idea what Halal is. It juest means, they slit the throat of the animal, drain it, then quarter it.
    Traditional western butchers, quarter the animal, THEN slit the throat later. It is a little bit dirtier process.

    Basically, like with math and medicine in history, the Islamic culture is smarter.

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