HOT SUGAR with a quick DFW related note

Out in LA, I have no doubt that few people are aware of budding filmmaker/musician N. Koenig, aka Hot Sugar. Dude has been at it for some time; he recently received a Warner Bros. grant for his hard work as well as a “Legendary Children” award. He recently launched a new site,, while austere (for now, I’m told by the man himself), is definitely worth checking out for the free DL as well as a video that might require you to change your pants. If incontinence isn’t your thing, at least you can do some laughing and grinning.

In other news, I can’t believe David Foster Wallace wrote this essay in 1990! Well, actually after some thought, I can; dude was a fucking genius. It also clues you in to as to how he could have reached the conclusions that he did in that 1996 magnum opus, “Infinite Jest”; especially the stuff about TC-Cartridges.


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