Goddamn, Influenza fucking sucks! I just spent the last 4 days bedridden in good ol’ Princeton, New Jersey. Painful fever dreams/vomiting aside, getting this sick is an experience that can certainly help get the brain spinning anew.

Whew, in the wake of a recent Lady Gaga inspired rant by one, Jake, here on ZIF, it feels like the time is right to encourage the reader to laugh, but also contemplate with some earnestness the words of Jack Black here; the point is, if you can’t make a better fucking song than the above video, then STOP!

The world we live on/in is a globe; each molecule, atom, quark, fucking energy itself spins; how then, can we let ourselves fall victim to the linear thinking that celebrates mediocrity in the illustration of something so divine as music? If you’re asking yourself, what am I getting away with, then it should be abundantly clear that there is nowhere to run.


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