Lil Wayne Deployed To Mexico To Save The Drug War!

What makes this “news” clip from The Onion so absurd, hence, funny, is the fact that the plan may actually work somewhat. I mean if Weezy set up shop down there for a few years, just using and spending his money on yayo, don’t you think some traffic may stay inside Mexico that was otherwise headed for U.S. border towns in Texas and California?

In reality, I think President of Young Money Entertainment, Mack Maine, is the one that’s really been hitting the white girl lately. Watch him spew garbage about how legendary the Young Money roster is. Granted, I like Drake and Nicki, but legendary they are not. You have to excuse Mack’s suspect judgement sometimes, he went from placing 16th in an MTV freestyle competition to running the affairs of a multimillion dollar label breaking records during a recession. Give him time, I’m sure he’ll turn into the next Russell Simmons soon enough.

Peep the legendary roster on YM after the jump.

Young Money Roster

Lil Wayne


Gudda Gudda

Jae Millz

Lil Chuckee

Lil Twist

Mack Maine

Nicki Minaj


Short Dawg




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