Scared Money Don’t Make No Money

The majority of rap enthusiasts I converse with are under the impression that the era of ATL cocaine rap is done, kaput, finito. This genre would also include Lil Wayne for these purposes, considering he became famous by vicariously purporting the ATL steez, it’s only appropriate that his fate be sealed with those he co-opted. Personally I think that there isn’t enough logic to support the notion that Weezy & Jeezy are spent, in fact, the industry is still hurting and money talks, especially within the context of the global economic crisis. What does the money specifically do to keep these guys on life support? Well, just like a hospital, it keeps the power on and the medicine pumping, in the rap game that means beats, savage beats from the best producers. If production flows into the swimming pools of money that these rap heavyweights have, and they choose accordingly, they’ll be making radio music and mixtape classics for a while. First step, Jamaican born, T-Dot raised, Boi-1da, and that’s a damn good selection.

Young Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne – Scared Money (Produced by Boi-1da)


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