Weezy & Eminem Drop the World On’em but No Gems

I’m not sure what Weezy had in mind when he revealed he’d be following up The Carter III with a “Rock album,” but I definitely wasn’t expecting whatever classification you’d ascribe to “Drop the World.”  It’s spacey and atmospheric, but most striking is the lack of a single guitar until the last verse.  In fact, it’s more or less what you’d expect from Southern, anthemic synth-pop.

But you didn’t flip this track on for the beat.  To no one’s surprise, Em’s (who spits the last verse) flow is immaculate, but I never thought he could pull off these 80 BPM, bleeding-heart joints.  Weezy does a better job of it by keeping things simple (payback for “Forever,” I guess).  The track is full of introspective “substance,” but I feel like we’ve heard this song (done better) by both of them many times before.

Unfortunately, “Drop the World,” as a leak, is noteworthy more because of its implications for “Rebirth” than the quality of the music.  But I’m sure you’ll check it out anyway.

Lil Wayne feat. Eminem – Drop The World


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