ZIF Video Of The Week: Styles P – Legal Money

Styles P has been making some very strategically sound moves this past year or so. Whether it be the producers he’s been working with, or the projects he’s being featured on, this man had a plan for his post D-Block life. This track, “Legal Money” is produced by Vinny Idol for THE GREEN GHOST PROJECT which drops 2/2/10 on Invasion Music Group. The music video was sponsored by Nahright and Restless Films, both are big time players in their respective hip hop related industries, blogging and music videos. So while you’ll still see Jadakiss doing guest appearances on 106 and Park and/or your favorite VH1 reality show, Styles is getting all Sun Tzu on the game. Right now, Styles is still in Chapter 1 of his art of war, laying down the plans. I can’t wait till Chapter 2, “waging war”. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderfully contrived music video with all sorts of viral value, you can bet your bottom dollar it will hit a million views on YouTube, and there’s no TNA, that speaks to its artistic merit. Well done Styles, get em…


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