Singapore Kane Is A Shotta

Those of you who have had the pleasure to have a conversation with me in person, have undoubtedly been interrupted by Singapore Kane spitting the chorus to his track “Don’t Take It Personal” via my ring tone. That joint is my fucking jam, and it’s a damn pleasure every time any sucker calls me because of it.

That being said, you can imagine my shock and awe when the man himself called my celly last Sunday to inquire about my patronage and possible ability to do some marketing for the Boston venom spitter. After collecting myself, I was able to converse with Singapore regarding his current moves and future plans. Having teamed up with Lil Fame of M.O.P acclaim, Singapore is looking forward to dropping a new digital release titled, “Life On Wax” around February 2010. In addition to that, he is looking to capitalize on the critical acclaim that he has garnered in Boston and take it to the global market. No better way to do that then via the Internet, specifically blogs on the cusp of hip hop journalism. In a sentence, expect a plethora of Singapore Kane material to hit our site with consistency, because that’s what we do, we endorse artists who make music we listen to when we smoke, drink, fuck, drive, and simply just live.  Braaaap…

Singapore Kane – Top shotta


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