Just Don’t Do It! Jordan’s are not worth it.

Before I’m judged by kicks fanatics alike, I want you to know a couple of facts about my past relationship with Nike.

  1. I used to own and proudly rock a 10K gold Nike pendant on a 14K Figaro chain
  2. I spent 180 dollars on a Nike tracksuit on a day designated as World “Boycott Nike” Day
  3. I saw an ad once for 50$ if you got a NIKE tattoo and send it in to the evil bastards. (I considered it for months)

Satisfied? I’ve served my shoe gods with diligence, I’ve earned the opportunity to judge those who consider purchasing expensive kicks. First, let me say this, it’s a fucking RECESSION guys! It has amazed me throughout 2009 to witness a plethora of retail agents and establishments continue to put forth products sans a reduction in price. Not to mention the idiots who hit me up on the street daily for a charitable donation to their respective support group. ” Excuse me, could you spare a moment for pediatric research?” No homie, I’m on a 15 minute break and I need a coffee to make it. I mean, that’s the truth of the matter, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m living check to check right now. And towards the end of the month that really means day to day. So yeah, wake up chump, you’re broke just like me, so don’t DUMP money into your kicks right now, shit, take half a year off that crap.

Well, I had a myriad of other points to make about this. But I just read over my first one, and yeah, that really should suffice. But before I leave you with a video of what you could look like if you snag a pair of Jordan XI’s, I ask you to consider one possible alternative scenario. Go cop a pair of dope sneakers that you genuinely appreciate for 75 dollars. For example, I would seriously consider this pair of Jordan III’s for 65 bills at Crispy Kicks. After you cop your crispy clean kicks of choice, take the extra 100 bucks, or whatever it truly is without you borrowing or stealing, consider the following charity: Soles 4 Souls. Give them whatever you got, and experience guilt-free enjoyment when you examine your kicks throughout the holiday season. Call it utopian, but if you only donate a buck and cop a pair of reasonably priced sneakers, I guarantee you the world will be a better place because of it. That isn’t utopian, that’s practical. Just Do It.

Or be this guy.


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