Reflection Eternal 2010

Anyone listening to rap in the year 2000 had a huge man crush on Talib Kweli and Mos Def. No homo. For most of us, that sonic loyalty was extended with pleasure to Talib Kweli’s joint venture with DJ Hi-Tek, Reflection Eternal. The 2000 album “Train of Thought” featured a single called “Move Somethin” and it got to #1 on the Rap/Hip Hop chart. That was back when backpack could outsell crack rap. After that it was downhill for underground backpack rap, as both Talib and Mos went separate ways and never gripped the game like that again. Well, though Mos Def has been pushing a lot of material lately, I’ve been sitting on the release of Reflection Eternal’s new album called “Revolutions Per Minute”, set to drop February 2010. Yes it’s been a while, they’re back again, and yes, they have a single called “Back Again“, but give the following track a listen to instantly salivate at the notion of a the return to the year 2000, Pavlov steez.

Reflection Eternal ft. J-Cole, Jay Electronica and Mos Def – Untitled


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