Merry MiXmas

Today being Christmas, I suppose it’s a little late to share this holiday activity with you. However, maybe when returning nose-hair trimmers, you can put this into practice:

While some say this happened already, I really feel like 2009 was the year where mixtapes really did surpass their more formal cousins, albums, in terms of quality. One highly respected music writer dubbed Los Angeles-by-way-of-Indiana rapper, Freddie Gibbs the only rapper that he would place money on, at this juncture. (I’m assuming) This must be a claim formed after listening to one of Gibbs’ mixtapes.

This holiday season, in the demoralizing onslaught that occurs at malls, I downloaded several mixtapes and found that bumping these gritty renditions of past cuts is a fantastic way to both block out the crazy materially-obsessed  ish around you, as well as hear some whippersnappers at their rawest and finest.

Below are two of my favorite mixtapes of the year:

Pill-4075 The Refill

Freddie Gibbs-The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs


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