Raging Dr. Weezy

Speaking of return-worthy gifts, several copies of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth must have been on-top of Santa’s sack (pause) and maybe when his sleigh was encountering turbulence, they fell to earth. A copy indeed fell into my lap. Okay, the opening sentence is not entirely fair; while a plethora of the internet is dubbing Wayne’s foray into rock music a ridiculous cacophony, I’ll step out and say the the album isn’t as bad as it’s being made out to be.

Initially, I thought Rebirth was merely going to be rock instrumentals with Wezzy rapping over them; hearkening back to the days of Limp Bizkit and Korn. Instead, Wayne actually attempts to sing, as would his rock idols; I think there’s certainly a BIG case to be made  to say that Wayne’s attempts to emulate Cobain and Corgan make the album pathetic. However, personally, I think this makes the album more likable than if he merely rapped like a meth-addicted redneck from Bakersfield.

Another element of the album, certain to be divisive is the fact that he swims through several genres of rock including metal, grunge and even Ska with the track below.

Lil Wayne-Get a Life


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