Decade in retrospect

This was a bad decade. It’s good to know it’s over. This doesn’t mean specific people didn’t ride high; perhaps it’s worth lauding their accomplishments in a series of lists that can be consulted as sorts of time-capsules. The boys in a band are not in love with the modern world, this is a good start; tragic love was running shit since Gwen Stefani crossed-over and somehow predicted it happening in her first music video with No Doubt, almost as if the whole thing was contrived from the get-go. PAUSE.

Are there really commercials in this shit? They’ll ruin any good thing with inundated bullshit, won’t they, these record execs? Even Lupe Fiasco fucking complains; it’s enough to drive any loving critic fucking loco! So if this decade is all about losses; then we can casually sift through the wreckage, like Japanese cockroaches with helmet-cams and try to make sense of the fact that we are being controlled like robots by those who continually sell us new technology to make our lives MORE than what we could on our own. This growth is a kind of cancer of the human body; not on that Non-Phixion tip “1975: they created AIDS inside a laboratory” it’s amazing how many people can get caught up in superstition. PAUSE

The rechargeable battery came to replace the middle man between you and your product, now it was just supposed to be the player’s designer and the energy company which owned all your shit. Renting became so fucking easy, borrowing for no apparent reason the norm for 10 years, and the landslide that came a tumblin’ down was somehow a surprise to a suddenly defunct, but not quite dysfunctional family that is the american empire; no capitals here, cause’ there’s nothing to celebrate. Amiri Baraka once asked Thelonius Monk, “what’s happenin’?” Monk replies, “Everything, at the same time.” PAUSE

Is that shit not HILARIOUS: ZIF exclusive thought: reshoot this document piece, but make it about AznAmerican ballers, specifically Taka Yasuzawa, the Takstar.


3 thoughts on “Decade in retrospect

  1. so…the point is that non-american white people > american white people?

    “there hasn’t been a white, american all-star since brad miller in 2004.” what the fuck does it matter if he’s american? this was obviously included b/c steve nash and dirk a perennial all-star and represent a huge thorn in this argument.

    blame the white man at the top, who instituted the hand-check rule, thereby placing a premium on pure speed and athleticism.

  2. 2 things:

    1) Taka is correct! There is a vast superiority amongst non-american whites (including the balkans, and yes, I said it, the TURKS!)

    2) Who the fuck cares if you were BMOC in college? Unless, of course, you are JJ Reddick; this too defies logic.

  3. word. also, last time i checked, steve nash balled @ santa clara in the good ol’ US AND A. so practice time restrictions are out the window. maybe ya’ll white players should stop bitching and moaning and start huffing HGH.

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