Chandella Powell: The Jackie Robinson of Octagon Girls

A quarter century after its founding, UFC has finally hired an African-American octagon girl. The lovely race barrier cracking lady’s name is Chandella “Della” Powell. According to her online UFC profile Chandella likes sushi, polite men, Lady Gaga and Rascal Flatts. Yeah, that’s pretty gross, sans the raw fish. But if you take a gander at her Model Mayhem page, you’ll see that she’s also quite, ah, ahem, urrr, liberal? Translation. For naked Della pics, go peep her Model Mayhem page.

I don’t feel bad feeding the sin machine, let us remember, this is UFC we’re talking about, not a political intern in the White House. What does make me sick is that Media Takeout, the self-proclaimed “Blackest Site On Earth” (which they changed to “Most Visited Urban Site On Earth” once they peeped how many of their hits originated from caucasian-owned desktops) is commemorating this historical moment in social progress by posting the naked pics as the front story. There’s a vast array of slamming Chandella pics on her sites to pick from, but no, leave it to the most “urban” site on earth to show you a trick’s snatch quicker than a rat gets fucked.

Social chivalry is dead. I mean, if a girl who prances around half-naked during championship fights can’t make history without her panties flying in the wind, what are we serfs going to do?


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