Guerrilla’s In The Mist

Low budget video for Big Boi and Gucci Mane? Fuck Yeah!

This video was shot by some of the dudes at Snort This, a blog that claims to supersede the pleasure of actually snorting white girl. I wouldn’t go nearly that far, for the most part the blog consists of amateur photos of amateurs doing amateur things. But what I do like is their endorsement of Gucci Mane and Big Boi, a couple of ATL rappers that risk losing market share this year, on account of a slew fair weathered fans. If you supported Outkast and have left Big Boi in the dust, you failed son! Yes, Andre 3000 was your favorite rapper in the group (you also wear skinny jeans right?), but you should take note that Big Boi’s creative disposition has been taken to new heights, one that is Dre-free yet eclectic nevertheless. As for Gucci, I just appreciate a guy who can beat an assassination attempt and a subsequent murder rap in less than a year. That’s gangster, Gucci World baby.

Behind The Scenes


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