Blu – Mix CD that plays like a cassette

I’m not known for being particularly nostalgic, but there’s something about tapes, Walkmans, and boom boxes that makes me feel all warm inside. It was a good time in music, the era of cassette tapes that is. See, when you listened to a tape, it wasn’t conducive to skipping tracks, certainly not with the ease of a flip of your thumb over your Ipod. No, that didn’t mean we were all gritting our teeth as we listened to crap to get to the few gems on an album. Rather, it meant the industry was compelled to make music that was for lack of a better word, listen-able.

So, here’s the segway. Hip hop, gospel and soul producer/rapper extraordinaire, Blu, dropped his new LP at the dawn of 2010, available for download on your favorite blogs everywhere. The catch? The sound quality is literally cassette quality, and it’s not chopped into tracks, just one long ass, 80MB track. Just like a Maxell…;)

Blu – The Godlee Barnes LP


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