Coachella 2010

Whoa, has Zebra is Food been around for over a year? I guess it has because I remember reviewing the Coachella lineup last year too. We didn’t even get the site a cake, what deadbeats we are. Anyway, this year’s the lineup is on the esoteric tip, as the festival tabs rap’s–all things considered, yet arguable–GOAT to headline. Friday also sports DJ Lance Rock, whom you’d know if you had kids and were sort of hip. Also playing are Little Dragon and Grace Jones. Day two is the most orthodox and formulaic day, with a Brit-pop mainstay Muse headlining, as well as Faith No More (SF represent). Finally, day three is climaxed by the Gorillaz, a group that doesn’t even exist in our flesh-bone-muscle-centric world. Their past bangers have included guest spots from Del the Funky Homosapien, Pharcyde, Dennis Hopper and Dangermouse, so it may be a ridiculous throwdown if they bring out any of their animated allies.

Last year, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Knux were the illest. As usual, I’ll give you the pretentious-as-fuck recommendation: yes the bands that are playing are pretty dope, but when it comes down to it, just being in the usually-desolate desert is pretty sublime*and when the sun sets and mollifies the 107 degree heat, I have never seen prettier weather.

*“Sublime” is a good word. Fuck that shit band for using it.


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