Lazers Never Die

I been slipping on my dancehall coverage, barring the interviews. For the record we just interviewed Chuck Fenda while he was in L.A., and got that exclusive on video coming this weekend. If you are somewhat new to the dancehall genre, I suggest you check out Major Lazer, aka Diplo and Switch. It constitutes a dancehall entity for the two hipster-friendly DJ’s, and they pretty much destroy this platform. Further proving to me, hipsters will run this planet, I thought hardcore dancehall was a safe haven.

Click the schedule (above) to buy tickets.

For some reason they’re not hitting up L.A., we are considering making a road trip up to the Bay to see them, but here’s hoping they add the Mecca of hipsterdom as a last show on their tour. Check out some Major Lazer material below, and welcome to “dancehall!”

Major Lazer ft. Ms Thing – When You Hear The Bassline

Major Lazer ft. Turbulence – Anything Goes

Major Lazer ft. Vybz Kartel – Pon De Floor

Download all three tracks here.


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