Drake’s New Shit Don’t Stink

I recall a few different moments when I came across Drake’s material early in his career, certainly pre-Weezy. First of all, it was difficult to put aside the fact that I recognized him from Canadian TV, his now infamous role on Degrassi, as I found out, many people down in the States also peeped Degrassi, and thus, shared the same preconceived notions I had. However, Drake seemed to be on some different shit, certainly a different sound from the stable of T-Dot rappers that had the rap game on lock in Toronto. But more impressive than his sound, was his visible awareness of the industry and what it takes to entertain. When he linked up with Lil Wayne and Young Money I figured that was the end of what could have been a reasonable Toronto MC making it. Boy, was I wrong about that one eh?

What I like about Drake is his ability to absolutely murder 16 bars when he’s not being finagled by the YM camp. Have you heard his verses on Scriptures? Anyways, this new shit is some dope ass stank. Check it.

Download: Drake – My New Shit


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