Cover to Cover

The Heavy blog just compiled a list of what they call the worst hip-hop album covers of all time. Certainly a thorough list, scope it here, the one above caught my eye. This cover is from AP.9 of the bay area group Mob Figaz. I remember the first time I saw this one, it was a late night and I was taking the 24 line home. It being around 3:00 AM, the bus was deserted. Dozing off, my eyes shot open as I looked up and was startled at AP’s disturbing scowl, staring at me from what I imagine was a street-team placed sticker. The problem with this album cover breaks down to a trio of faux pas:

*the Photoshop work is actually decent but for what?
*whose idea was it to reference the Grinch? Dr. Suess is not that intimidating.
*I was shamed for being intimidated by such a lame and illogical cultural reference.


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