DJ Emoh Betta Scratches Up Some Falside Recipes

It usually is not a wise move to let a couple of 20-somethings from New England design your nutrition plan. However, DJ Emoh Betta out of Boston and ZIF favorite Falside, just released a 5-course meal called Meet’ N Veggies, and it’s scrumptious! The EP is a picture perfect example of a collaborative effort, namely the following:

Dj Emoh Betta of Boston’s most celebrated turntablist crew, The Deck Demons, recently teamed up with the acclaimed, 20 year old Indy Hip Hop producer, Falside. After an afternoon of Pad Thai, caffiene, and brainstorming, they formulated “Meet’n Veggies”. This 5 track EP blends Falside’s instrumental elements with Dj Emoh’s intense technical skill on the decks.

Funny thing about Falside is that he can’t scratch worth a damn, and that’s some self-proclaimed shit, in fact there was a video up online at the following link. That video mysteriously disappeared from Vimeo on January 10th, LOL, call me a conspiracy theorist. Either way, good look for Falside to team up with a true deck demon, and put together another fine example of the current hip hop renaissance in Boston.

Taste the dishes below, and order the free meal right here.







4 thoughts on “DJ Emoh Betta Scratches Up Some Falside Recipes

  1. haha, nice post homie! however i’m 31 years young! thanks for taking the time and putting it out there!

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